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My Top 10 Simple Recipes

Who doesn't love a delicious yet simple recipe? I've rounded up my top 10 simple recipes into one simple place! All are perfect for weekly meal planning.

  1. Italian Pork Chops This slow cooker favorite creates cut with a fork pork chops with delicious flavor.

  2. Hamburger Veggie Soup Another slow cooker favorite comfort food that creates perfect lunch leftovers for the next day.

  3. Mexican Turkey Chili For when you want a little spice with your slow cooker easy supper.

  4. Buffalo Wings Game day food in the slow cooker? Yes, please!

  5. Blue Cheese Burgers Prep ahead the juiciest burgers for your weekend cookout.

  6. Mexican Marinated Chicken Prep ahead in less than 5 minutes and throw in the skillet when you are ready for supper.

  7. Caprese Chicken A super easy entree that is restaurant worthy.

  8. Simple Salmon This easy recipe works well with grouper, flounder, and other flaky fish as well. Healthy has never been so simple.

  9. Chicken Noodle Soup Another comfort food, slow cooker meal that pairs well with a grilled cheese.

  10. Chicken and Dumplings Slow cooker comfort food wins again! More hearty than the chicken noodle soup but simple enough for a weekday meal.

Which simple meal is your favorite?

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Ann Morris Ipock
Ann Morris Ipock
23. Jan. 2023

Thank you, Booth! Can't wait to try these--you're so sweet to do this! xoxo

Gefällt mir
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