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How To Meal Prep

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How to Meal Prep

A video course where I prep 6 meals in under an hour plus give recipe and lunch packing tips!

Plus you'll get:

  • Menu planning templates 

  • Grocery list templates

  • A recipe library with over 100 recipes


Do you know your personality type and how it predisposes you to approach money?


Do you know your bad money habits but don’t know how to change them?


Do you know your current monthly spending on WANTS versus NEEDS?


Do you know how debt and credit work?


Do you know your Net Worth?


Do you know the difference between wealth and income?

Are you ready for the "Ah-ha!" moment that your personality type is driving your money behavior?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then this course is for you!

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This course covers ALL of those topics and more! 
So, what ALL do you get with this course?

  • 10 Video Financial Coaching Sessions where I walk you through each step. (Value $2500)


  • Accountability email follow-up from me the day after each session to PERSONALLY answer your questions! (Value at least $1,000)


  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where additional content and videos will be posted answering FAQs and more! (Value $500)


  • Digital download materials, templates (to keep and use over and over), and a reflection journal. (Value $500)

  • PLUS, a bonus video session and templates on how to meal plan and prep! (Value $100)


  • This course is like having your own personal financial coach! But, this is the only time I am teaching the course this year!! And, spots are LIMITED since the course has lots of interaction directly with me!

In all honesty, most people don't get ahead just by learning financial knowledge because they don't understand the WHY that got them into trouble in the first place. If you are ready to hold yourself accountable and make behavior changes and apply the financial knowledge you will learn, you will be on the path to financial wellness.

So what all will you learn in the Family Financial Wellness sessions?

Session 1: Personality and Behavior

  • Your personality type

  • How your personality type approaches money

  • Assess your bad money habits and behaviors

  • Create a plan to change those bad habits to good habits


Session 2: Assessing your current Financial Position

  • Essential versus Non-Essential expenses

  • Types of Expenses

  • Assess your spending over a month’s time: Essential vs. Non Essential

  • Analyze total spending in relation to income

  • Create a plan to eliminate non-essential spending


Session 3: How Debt and Credit Work

  • What is debt and the types of debt?

  • What is credit and what does a credit score represent?

  • How do term length and interest rate effect debt?

  • Examples of common debt

  • Comparisons of different debt structures


Session 4: Calculate your Net Worth and Key Ratios

  • Defining a millionaire

  • Calculate your Net Worth

  • Calculate your Key Ratios

  • Assess your current financial health and wealth status


Session 5: Assessing your debt and making a plan to pay it off

  • Analyzing your total debt outstanding

  • Prioritize your debt

  • Create a prioritized plan to pay it off


Session 6: Assessing your savings needs

  • Emergency Funds

  • College 

  • Retirement

  • Compound Interest and How it Works

  • Define goals for the savings needs and how to achieve them


Session 7: Different Types of Investments

  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and more

  • Risk Diversification

  • How you live in retirement off of your investments


Session 8: Insurance Needs and Coverages

  • Homeowner’s insurance

  • Auto insurance

  • Life insurance

  • Liability insurance

  • Umbrellas and other types of insurance


Session 9: Create financial goals and a budget

  • Define short and long term financial goals

  • Quantify how to achieve those goals

  • Create a monthly and annual budget to achieve those financial goals


Session 10: Taxes, Wills, and Other Considerations

  • Key factors regarding personal income taxes

  • The basics of a will

  • The basics of a trust

  • Estate planning considerations


Bonus SessionMeal Plan and Prep

  • Planning meals for a week

  • Saving money by avoiding food convenience

  • Create easier mornings & evenings by prepping ahead for multiple meals

  • Grocery shopping to avoid food waste

Will you be completely debt free by the end of this course?

Probably Not.

But you WILL be equipped with a plan to achieve your financial goals!

What to do next?

Click the button above and claim one of the limited spots!  You receive ALL of this for just $199!  Less than the coast of one individual session!

What happens after that?


Once you register for Family Financial Wellness, you will receive an email to set up your login to access the course! Plus, you will receive the link to the private Facebook Group!


The next course will begin on January 2nd with Session #1. Don’t delay!


See you in class!




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