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Financial Coaching

Booth Parker Coaching
Booth Parker Coaching

Hi! I’m Booth Parker! Mom, wife, and Certified Public Accountant! I have been a mom for over 17 years, a wife for nearly 20 years, and I’ve been in the financial space since the last century! I have learned so much over the years and I want to share that knowledge to enable people to make better decisions for their lives and their future!

My education path took me to NC State University in Raleigh NC where I graduated in 1999 with a B.S. Degree in Business Management-Finance Concentration. After working for a few years, I returned and obtained my Master’s in Accounting in 2004 and then my CPA license in 2005. After briefly working in public accounting, I returned to the family business; an automotive group. The group operated 10+ dealerships (on average) in multiple cities. I oversaw the financial reporting of these entities as well as numerous commercial real estate holding entities. One of the biggest things I learned from the automotive industry is the importance of cash flow! One of the biggest things I learned from commercial real estate is the value of equity and the impact of interest rates.

After my father’s unexpected passing, I decided to leave the automotive industry. I wrapped up selling my holdings in the business at the end of 2019. Just a couple months later the entire world changed! Shortly into the pandemic, I began receiving calls and messages from friends and family that needed some financial advice for themselves and their businesses as they were suddenly struggling financially. I immediately decided to enroll in a class to obtain my Financial Coach Master Certification. I was confident in my financial knowledge but this certification gave me the additional knowledge of how to teach and deliver information to a client or audience. 

Finances can cause a lot of stress and hardship for individuals, families, and businesses. My intention with clients is to alleviate that stress and invoke confidence not only with financial knowledge but with a better money mindset! 

How can I help you?


Personal Financial Coaching

Are your personal finances controlling you? Are you having budgeting problems? Do you need to be saving more? Are you and your spouse not on the same page with spending? Personal finances can be overwhelming! With Personal Financial Coaching, we will analyze where current problems are stemming from and create a plan to achieve your financial goals! 
Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire so that I can learn more about your current finances. This allows us to dive right into the first session and start taking control of your finances!!


Small Business Consulting

In Small Business Financial Consulting, we will take a deep dive into the financial issues your business is experiencing. Topics from cash flow issues, inventory management, lacking profitability, and so much more. Upon booking, I will request further information to review and assess before the consultation so that we can hit the ground running! 


Group Seminars

Does your office staff need accounting training? Do you need financial coaching or training for your team? Time management a problem? My small group seminars are intended for groups of 10 or less and the topics are tailored to the specific needs of your group or organization. To inquire for your group, contact me directly at


Small Business Coaching

Are you ready to start your small business or grow your existing small business? From set up to understanding the numbers, small business coaching puts you in control of your business. The sky's the limit!
Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire so that I can learn the details of your small business. This allows us to dive right into the first session and start making things happen for your small business!


Time Management Coaching

In Time Management Coaching, we will:

  • look at the issues you are experiencing with time management

  • evaluate your current schedule and how you spend your day (priorities and what isn't getting done)

  • create better structure, accountability, and planning of your schedule

Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire that gives me insight into your time management issues so that we can dive right into the session with a plan!



Does your conference need a keynote speaker or a leader for an educational “break out” session? From accounting topics to time management to motivation, I tailor speeches and presentations to fit the needs of your audience. For more information about speaking, contact me directly at

Booth Parker Coaching

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