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Booth's Faves

Welcome to 'Booth's Faves,' where I spill the beans on my absolute must-haves. Dive into my world of style and discovery with two exclusive sections – my carefully curated Amazon Store and picks.


These are more than just items; they're pieces of my daily life that I can't resist sharing. From fashion finds to lifestyle essentials, every selection is a reflection of my personal taste and the joy I find in each piece. Join me on this journey of favorites, and let's make chic choices together!

Booth's LTK

Also known as, here is where you can shop my recommended finds. 

Here, I've curated a collection of my favorite fashion picks, home decor treasures, and lifestyle essentials.


Each item is a reflection of my personal taste – a mix of timeless elegance and on-trend chic. Scroll through and discover outfits that capture my signature style or find the perfect pieces to elevate your home.

Booth Parker
Booth Parker Amazon Shope

Booth's Amazon Shop

Step into my Amazon shop, a curated space where practicality meets style!


I've handpicked a range of items that have become staples in my daily life, from fashion-forward accessories to clever gadgets that simplify the everyday.


Whether you're looking to refresh your wardrobe or enhance your living space, my Amazon shop is a treasure trove of carefully chosen finds. Expect a mix of trendy pieces and timeless classics, reflecting my belief that style should be both accessible and enduring.

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