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Book Club Charcuterie Board

I recently hosted our book club and created a charcuterie board for us to snack on while we chatted and sipped champagne. I had so much fun making it! There will definitely be more to come! Here is the link to the recipe for the Candied Pecans! I used a 24x15 inch board.

Image of charcuterie board
Charcuterie Board


1 cup Candied Pecans

6 ou proscuitto ham, cut into pieces

9 ou salami, sliced

5 ou rosemary crackers

4 ou wheat crackers

3/4 cup strawberries, halved and pitted

2 small honey crisp apples, sliced

2 small bunches of grapes

5 ou gouda cheese, sliced

6 ou havarti cheese, sliced

6 ou sharp cheddar cheese, sliced

4 ou goat cheese, plain

4 ou goat cheese, cranberry and orange

4 ou goat cheese, herbed

1 jar fig preserves

fresh rosemary sprigs for garnish

I chose to put the strawberries and candied pecans in small boys to help anchor the corners of the board while using grapes in the two other corners. I piled the prosciutto against the grapes, then did a curving line of salami and cheese. I anchored the center with the jar of fig preserves and nestled the goat cheese beside the jar so the knife could be used for both. I assorted the apples around the strawberries then filled in the blank space with the crackers. Then wedged the rosemary sprigs around the board for color!

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