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Lunch Box Picks

This week was back to school for us which means I am packing a lunch box in the mornings again! Now that my son is in 10th grade, he no longer wants PB&J cut into the shape of a dinosaur but he does let me get a little more adventurous with sandwiches such as pork sliders, tenderloin sandwiches, and chicken wraps. Plus, he is good with some baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies or pound cake.

This was my son's first day lunch box. Beef tenderloin sliders, cheez-its, honey crisp apples, a mini Twix (I haven't been baking this week), and his current fave Arnold Palmer. Boys are rough on their lunch box regardless of age and I have tried a lot of lunch boxes and containers. Here are some of my favorites from over the years and now:

Lunch boxes:


Easy Lunchbox (my fave for charcuterie on the go)

Packing lunch boxes is one of my favorite mom jobs! Having everything organized makes it quick and simple and meal planning helps have creative ideas for each day.

I hope all your kiddos have a wonderful school year and full tummies for attentive learning!

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