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19 Years!

Today my husband and I celebrate 19 years of marriage! It truly is amazing how fast time goes by! It has been a blur! In all reality we should be celebrating 21 years on April 27 but we had to cancel our first wedding date due to lack of support from some family. The thing is, it has been instances like enduring that cancellation that have only made us stronger. We only became closer and more of a rock to each other when that happened. We ultimately decided that we would get married even though we did not have the blessing of some family. It is safe to say we have proved the naysayers wrong about our relationship. We put our marriage and our family first. We nurture our relationship daily. Our love and the strength of our relationship have only grown over the years. I am blessed to spend my life with such a wonderful man. He is not only a wonderful husband but the most amazing dad I have ever known. He is family first all the time.

Yesterday, we went to early church and then went out to brunch together. We had planned to go to Beaufort Grocery. It is a special place to us and holds lots of wonderful memories. However, they were closed for their annual vacation so we decided to go to 34 North at the new Beaufort Hotel. It was warm enough to sit outside and we enjoyed the beautiful weather and each other's company with a lot of laughs!

I tried to just soak it all in. How blessed I am and how wonderful life is. We have not had an easy path in our marriage. We have been through times that would break a lot of people. Just being able to get married was a feat in itself! There have been some times that I wouldn't have made it through without him by my side. My rock. I wish time would slow down but I am looking forward to a lifetime of happiness!


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