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Pt. 3: Pivoting Towards Your Purpose

If you missed them, catch Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

In Part 3, we are looking at finding balance and living the season of life you are currently in. It can be difficult to find balance if you aren't embracing your current season of life. It can also be difficult to find balance if you are focused on fulfilling the expectations of others. Therefore, it's important to recognize what season you are in and the opportunities and challenges that season brings to your life, living in alignment with your purpose, and finding balance within it.

Lack of balance is something that many struggle with and it causes stress and overwhelm. Before you can find balance, you have to recognize what it is. Oxford dictionary defines balances as "a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions." The different elements can range from career, family, home, personal time, and the list goes on. Women, in particular, struggle to find balance between their career, their role as a mom, and managing the home. Looking back at the definition, it is safe to say that all of these different elements are not going to land equally. For this reason, it is important to get them in the correct proportions.

There are many seasons of life and they present different choices for us to make. I am in my mid 40s and if I simply look at my current season versus when I was in my 20's there are numerous differences such as: I need more sleep, I am less concerned about social functions, I am more concerned about healthy eating. My son is now 17. When he was a toddler our evenings were consumed with bath time, trying to get him to eat a vegetable, and story time. Now our evenings are filled with baseball games, family date nights trying new restaurants, and reliving chemistry homework. We won't get these seasons back, so embrace them, make memories, and have zero regrets. For example, my son will be off to college in less than two years. I have decided to table several things I want to do because right now I want to focus my time with him. Otherwise, I would get out of balance.

How do you choose to live everyday? Are you living in alignment with your season of life, your core values, and your purpose? What is priority to you? Decide what these things are and make changes to shape your day around them. Your everyday lifestyle choices create your journey and your journey is your story. What do you want your story to be?

What route is most aligned with you? Think about Google maps. You enter the destination and it gives you the fastest based on current traffic, the shortest based on miles, or the most scenic. Align your everyday lifestyle choices with the route that best fits your personality.

Remember the vision board? It can be very useful in guiding you towards balance because it tells you how you want to spend your days. It's why our everyday choices on our agenda have to be aligned with our core values and purpose because that is where fulfillment is found. Balance is virtually impossible to find when you are unfulfilled. Organization and planning is very important on the road to balance. It's where you assign everything in the correct proportions to lower stress and overwhelm. As a recovering people pleaser, I know how difficult it can be to say no, especially once you have set a precedent that you are always going to say yes. We don't want to disappoint anyone but we are repeatedly disappointing ourselves. If it doesn't align with your current season of life, your core values, and your purpose, it has to be a NO! Don't let anything that could throw you out of balance creep onto your agenda.

If you are looking for some great books to help you better your habits, find your purpose, set boundaries and more, here is a list I shared at the conference of some of my favorites.

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