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Pt.2: Pivoting Towards Your Purpose

If you missed Part 1, you can catch it HERE!

In Part 2, we are looking at taking action!

Getting started is oftentimes the hardest part of taking action to discover our purpose and ultimate success. I recently posted a survey on Instagram asking my followers what was their biggest hurdle in getting started to take action.

While I wasn't surprised that Fear of Failure was number one, I was curious to see where the others would land. These 4 choices are actually very intertwined. First, comparison. Social media has made comparison a much larger problem than it what was. We get to see the edited and perfect highlights of where someone is presently and we compare where our real selves are now. This becomes the root of low self esteem and thus a lack of confidence. Second, fear of failure. A lot of the problem here lies in how you are defining failure. A lack of success? Whose defining the success. When we allow external definitions of success be our benchmark we will lose alignment with our purpose and the true meaning of success. Where there be hiccups along the road? Of course! But look at them as learning opportunities. Third, lack of confidence. This one stems from comparison and fear of failure. We are still concerned with what it looks like on the outside so where we are scared to take action. We tell ourselves we don't feel ready. The truth is, you will most likely never feel ready; you just have to start! Last, lack of self discipline. It's not lack of self discipline, it's the choice of inaction. Maybe from one of the above. Choosing not to take action is a decision. Action is what produces results. Baby steps are fine. Just start!

But how? What are steps that get the ball rolling on taking action?

We have all heard the saying "it takes a village." Let others help you take action and grow.

  • Expand your network! Get out and meet people! Attend seminars and conferences. Get out of the comfort zone. Growth and success do not happen in the comfort zone.

  • Your circle matters! There is a rule of thought that says "you are the summation of the 5 people you choose to spend the most time with." Think about your 5 right now. Do they bring you down or do they left you up? We can outgrow relationships. Surround yourself with a circle that encourages you to grow and be your best self.

  • Expose yourself to new things. Opportunities are everywhere and sometimes they are found in the most unlikely go places. Do things like volunteer for boards and committees and get involved in your community. Put yourself out there and let people know what it is you are after! That is how you find the Law of Attraction! What you put out there is what comes back. Make your voice heard!

  • If you have a hard time holding yourself accountable to your action list then get an accountability partner. Much like the person that makes sure you come to the 5 am working class, an accountability partner in your career can do the same for you!

One of my all time favorite quotes is Benjamin Franklin's, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I am definitely a planner geek but planning works!

  • Digital versus paper planner: how about both? I use the digital (Google calendar) as my what. It is easy to mark out appointments etc while on the go and it links to my Calendly for people to book appointments. I use my paper planner as my how. I sit down at least once a week, usually Saturday mornings, and I put everything from my digital onto paper. It helps me get a visual and then from there I fill in all of my regular to dos like record a podcast, write a blog, etc to ensure that everything has a place. I time block out everything with a color code system (yellow for work, pink for personal, blue for family, etc). I have a freebie HERE that you can download and work on your time blocking.

  • Create a morning routine that sets your day up for success. I am not a morning person by nature but getting up in time to get the morning tasks complete without being rushed or stressed is key. Our brains are fresh in the morning so reserve some time for good, core work in the morning.

  • Make goals that are specific, measurable, and deadlined. You have to be able to track your progress. Little action steps each day. Think about the tortoise and the hare! A great idea is to set your goal and then back into the plan to get there. Map it out!

  • Meal planning. This may seem odd on this list but it is a game changer to free up time on your calendar and relieve stress. Taking it one step farther to meal prepping is even better. I have templates HERE and blog posts The Value of Meal Planning and Tips to Meal Plan and Prep.

  • Create a vision board for yourself and what you want your life and your days to look like. Define your ideal day and the begin putting items on the agenda that are aligned with that vision. Eye on the prize!

Action and discipline always win over motivation. Even if you wake up not feeling motivated, make the choice of action. Each little action will create motivation to keep taking more action. The domino effect is alive and well.

In Part 3, we will look at balance and living the season of life you are currently in!


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