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This past weekend, we went down to the cottage for a quiet weekend. I had Continuing Education and reading to catch up on and my son needed good rest with exams right around the corner. My hubs was excited to enjoy the quiet and slow cook a brisket.

On Saturday morning, Trout was ready to eat breakfast by 7:00 so we went ahead and got up and enjoyed coffee on the porch while my son slept in. We lingered for a couple hours on while my husband started the brisket and we just talked and enjoyed coffee. My son woke up and came to join us on the porch. We had our morning hugs and then I went to make breakfast. He had requested cinnamon apple French toast and I love getting in the kitchen and making a fun breakfast.

A few minutes later, I went back to the porch to see if they also wanted some bacon or sausage but they were gone. I looked around and quickly saw that they had walked down to the dock. It was warm for December with no wind so it was quite pleasant even on the water. They were just sitting there, legs dangling over the water, having a father son chat. I know I am probably biased but my hubs is the best dad any kid could ever ask for. He is always family first and he will put his personal desires aside to do for and be with his family. He is so present in our son's life and their relationship exemplifies it.

So, I just stood on the porch watching them in gratitude. So thankful for them. So thankful for the love in our family. So thankful for our closeness and always family first. Not every child experiences a love like that. As we enter the advent and Christmas season, I am truly reflecting on the blessings in my life; they are the greatest gifts I could ever receive.

I encourage you to take time this holiday season to slow down and just enjoy the quiet with your loved ones. It will be the greatest gift you could give one another!

P.S. Yes I did sneak down the dock to snap their picture! I couldn't resist!


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