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Part 8: Creating the Cottage

You know what doesn't give you a vacation? Laundry!

When I was creating the laundry room for the cottage, I knew it needed to serve multiple purposes. So, we made it spacious with lots of storage! It not only has the washer and dryer, but storage for our boat day things like bags and towels, over flow supply storage (the closest grocery store is over 30 minutes away), vacuum, and of course a dog feeding zone.

The room doesn't get a lot of natural light so I painted the cabinetry a happy pale aqua blue (it's SW Cay) and the walls are covered in a fun Schumacher paper that mimics the look of sea glass. The countertops are a white quartz and a single bowl farmhouse sink is perfect for filling water bowls and cutting flowers.

The only negative of the space is that it has made me want a bigger laundry room at home with more storage! LOL!

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