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My Financial Background

So, it isn’t as fun as pretty wallpaper and cute dresses but my educational background is in accounting. I have a Master’s Degree in Accounting and I am a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). I drive my husband crazy with budget spreadsheets, meal planning, and grocery lists. During Christmas of 2019, my son was at the grocery store with me and asked how my debit card worked to pay for the groceries. While he was only in middle school, I realized there is a lot that adults have learned (oftentimes the hard way) about how money works in life. So, I approached the headmistress at his school and asked if they offered a Personal Finance class for the high schoolers. I thought it was valuable information they should all have before graduating. At that time, they did not offer that but she explained to me how they wanted to offer that in the curriculum in the future once they had someone to teach it. So, I offered to teach it. Fortunately, we got everything lined up for the 2020-2021 school year before the pandemic shutdown started.

I never thought I would enjoy teaching as much as I do. The students ask fantastic questions and are so engaged in the material. I am using the Dave Ramsey curriculum and I love it’s emphasis on avoiding debt and encouraging wealth building. I have even had students open IRA’s they get so excited about saving instead of spending! The time value of money always seems to blow them away.

Not everyone has a financial background and enjoys keeping track of budgets and planning. I am starting to also help individuals, families, and small business owners make better financial plans for their futures to get themselves out of debt and start building wealth for their future and retirement. I can’t wait to share more tips and stories for keeping your finances working for you!


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