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Life Happens, No Regrets

Well, I am currently sitting on my porch but I was supposed to be in Texas right now. If you read last week's email newsletter I told you all about The Brimm Retreat I was going to and I was really excited to learn and connect with new people. I was really excited about it BUT my son's first prom was Saturday and I was going to have to leave on Saturday so I was going to miss prom. The closer the day came, the more my heart hurt at the thought of missing prom. And I did what momma's do, I canceled my trip.

When I was laid up about a month ago with my neck and headache issues, I had a lot of time to think and I thought long and hard about what is important to me, what I want to spend my days doing, as well as things I want to do and accomplish. The thing is, my son will be graduating in two short years and right now soaking up every minute of family time is my priority. There are lots of things on my to do list but several of them are going to have to wait for their time. Things always happen for a reason and I am convinced I was laid up so that I would slow down and get my perspective back on track. (Stay tuned for more on all of that in a later blog)

Now that the weekend has come to a close, I can promise you that I have no regrets about staying! Instead of spending Friday evening packing, we cooked crab cakes and hung out on the porch. On Saturday morning, I went out to do the pick up at the florist and grabbed breakfast. It was a beautiful day so we had some more coffee on the porch and just did outdoor chores until it was time to get ready for prom. Daddy dug out his nice cuff links and cute pink elephant bow tie and we had him looking all dapper! And I did pretty well tying the bow tie if I do say so myself!

He went and picked up some friends and we did pictures at home on the dock. It was sunny and not too windy so the girls didn't get their hair messed up. Then they loaded up and headed out to the Dunes Club over in Atlantic Beach for dinner and dancing! He must have cut quite the rug because he arrived home in ripped pants. I didn't realize that tux was rent to own. LOL He was grateful for that Christmas stocking full of cute boxers!

I was thankful to see him and his friends arrive home safely so I could go to bed! Especially since the bad storms started shortly after they walked in the door. I got up the next morning and did what makes my heart so happy: I started cooking. Bacon, chocolate chip pancakes, ham biscuits, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I was in my favorite place and was so thankful I had stayed home so I didn't miss a minute of this!

And guess what? My flight from Charlotte to Austin ended up being majorly delayed due to weather. I definitely would have had major regrets spending my Saturday evening missing prom AND being stuck in an airport.

I trusted what my heart was telling me to do and I told my brain that I can go to the next conference but I can't get my baby's first prom back! Family first!

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Ann Morris Ipock
Ann Morris Ipock
03 May 2023

P.S. I just commented on your blog and the reply was "Unknown member." What the heck? It's Ann Ipock! xoxo

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