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Get Out of Your Head

You know how everything can be going right on track? You are feeling good, you are positive and optimistic, you're attitude is in a joyful place, and then something just takes the wind right out of your sails!

Between the inspiration at the Women in Business Conference and feeling all positive energy vibes after reading The Energy Bus, I was in full on positive focus. And then one of those things that just smacks you between the eyes happened. I recently got a new computer and was organizing files and I found screen shots of Facebook posts from five years ago when my dad committed suicide. Posts that were hurtful and not kind. I honestly don't know why a co-worker sent them to me back then. But re-reading them re-opened a can of emotions in my head. It brought back all the turmoil from the months and even first couple years after losing my dad. So many lies, so much betrayal, so much manipulation. I didn't sleep well that night. My head would just not turn off living it all over again.

Then, the next morning I ran into Hobby Lobby to get some sewing needles and this book was sitting front and center at the checkout, Get Out of Your Head. I impulsively threw it on the counter. It must have been that Law of Attraction that I had been reminded about in The Energy Bus. You know the one that says we attract what we think about.

What a joy this book was to get my head back aligned with my heart. Positive energy and a joyful attitude! The book was biblically based while also providing great content on how the brain functions in regards to our thoughts. It was informative on how to re-engage our thoughts in a healthy and positive way. The author was vulnerable throughout the book explaining her own journey. She showed how to shift our focus and then applied it to her own story. Being grateful was definitely a key theme!

If you need to get your focus back on track and you want Jesus to be your guide, I highly recommend this book. I read it during the mornings as my devotional and it was so great and motivating for me each day. I'm excited to say it helped me have a very productive week!

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