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Christmas Storage Tips

I think we can all agree that putting up the Christmas decorations is way more fun than taking them down and putting them away but it is so worth it to take the time to put them away in an organized manner. Since I like to put the tree up early, we now use artificial trees. The downside is storing them because they take up a lot of space. I keep mine in bags and put them away in the walk-in part of the attic that is right off my storage closet.

My storage closet is climate controlled which greatly helps preserve the longevity of my decorations. I keep the garland in large clear bins that are labeled. When I drag it out next November I know exactly where each bin goes, i.e. front porch east side, etc. I don't have to wonder about the length being right; I know it fits!

I keep my ornaments in labeled ornament boxes. Since I put up 3 trees, I label the boxes by the tree. For shatter-proof ornaments, I can just fill the boxes full but for my breakable ones I can use the dividers and keep them safe. I keep the tabletop decor, like decorative trees, out on shelves but it could easily go into a large clear bin like the garland if you are keeping your decorations in a garage or attic. I hang all my wreaths on a wall in my storage closet but if you are keeping those in the garage or attic, I would recommend a wreath bag. Christmas decorations are expensive and preserving them is important!

When you are ready to put everything away, be sure to assess any decorations that you didn't use this year. If you don't foresee yourself using them next year either, go ahead and get rid of them now so they aren't taking up storage space! Storage space is valuable and there is no need to keep decorations that won't be used.

I like to organize my bins by room or area. The front porch garland bins go together, the foyer garland bins go together, the living room tree ornaments go together, the dining table decor goes together, etc, etc. Taking the time to do this when you put the decorations away will allow you to decorate a room at a time next Christmas without having to drag out every bin trying to find what you are looking for. Oh, and one last tip before you take those decorations down: if you love your tree or tabletop or any decorated area, take a picture to help re-create it next year!

Need to get bins and storage boxes? Check out my favorites HERE! Happy organizing for 2022!

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