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Boat Weekend Ready

School is out for summer! Bring on sunshine, salt water, and sandy feet! I like to enjoy every season but summer is definitely my favorite! I love going out on the boat to our favorite sand bar and spending time with my family and friends! I am always in charge of packing the cooler and the bag. I like to to pack lightly (less to carry LOL) but we always have everything we need.

First, we are going to need drinks and food while we are out there. We keep a boat grill that attaches via a rod holder so we usually take hot dogs or I prep some Blue Cheese Burgers! Don't miss Cooler Packing without Ice! It's a game changer!

I like a large, open top tote for the boat because it is easy to access. It just needs to have a waterproof and sturdy bottom. A cosmetic bag with sunscreen, absorbent towels, a book, waterproof speaker, dry snacks like nuts and chips, and an extra cover-up just in case one gets wet. I've rounded up my go to items HERE! Any utensils, paper plates, etc we need go in the bag too. Last but not least: SUN HAT! If I am using one without a velcro opening, I attach it to the bag strap with a chip or binder clip for the ride out.

I am past the days of needing beach toys but I do like to have a bucket handy for picking up shells when we go walk the beach.

As for swimwear and cute cover-ups, I have rounded up my favorites for this summer HERE!

Be sure to always boat safely! Have fun and enjoy the sunshine!

P.S. The first aid kit lives on the boat so I don't worry about packing those kinds of supplies.

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