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Weekend Away Tips

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway for pleasure or a weekend away full of sports for the kids, the return home can feel anything but relaxing. Monday morning always arrive quicker than expected. As much as we’d like for it to, the world doesn’t stop so that we can get organized for the week. So, I always get prepared for the week before we go away for the weekend. Here are my top things to do BEFORE heading away for the weekend to make your Monday morning as low stress and “normal” as possible.

  1. Do the laundry and put it away. The kids will have what they need for school on Monday and that will be one less thing staring you in the face on Monday morning. Plus, if you are away for sports, the weekend will create plenty of laundry on it's own! Bonus tip: Pack a laundry bag (especially if it's a sports weekend away) so that the dirty clothes arrive home separately and can be dropped in the laundry room on the way in.

  2. Clean the kitchen and have dishes put away. A messy kitchen makes my stress meter sky rocket. Clean counters are a welcome site when you walk in from the weekend.

  3. Put clean sheets on the bed and have it made turned down style so it’s ready to get in.

  4. Unpack right when you get home. If you are getting home really late on Sunday night this one may wait until Monday but at least unpack your cosmetic bag. Your Monday morning self will thank you that your tooth brush is accessible.

  5. Last but certainly not least (this just may be the most important one), make a grocery order to pick up Sunday on your way back home. If you will get in really late, pick it up Friday before you leave. I try to go ahead and do the whole week's meal plan but the key here is to at least have Sunday dinner covered and Monday morning breakfast and lunch box packing.


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