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Vacay Packing Tips

It has been a running joke with my family and friends for years that I am "the world's lightest packer." Even for a week long trip I can manage to only pack a duffle or a carry-on sized suitcase. (Sidenote: I am not a skier so I don't need to pack bulky coats. When I vacay, it's warm.) If you don't have to check your luggage, then the airline can't lose your luggage! Plus, no baggage fees!

I have been giving out packing tips for years on how I manage to fit it all into one bag! So, I thought I would share some with you just in time for Spring Break vacations!

  • Make a packing list. I have created two versions of a simple packing list that you can download HERE. Once you know all the outfits you need, then you can choose just enough. No need to pack a bunch of things not knowing what you will wear. This is the most critical part so that you don't overpack!

  • When making your packing list of outfits, only pack outfits that you absolutely LOVE every time you put them on. Lay the outfits on the bed as you are deciding; your favorites will always say "Pick Me!"

  • Pack versatile pieces that can do double duty. Think a pair of white jeans and multiple tops. Dresses than can be cover-ups and dresses that go from day to dinner with just an accessory spruce up.

  • Pack shoes and accessories that easily go with several outfits. Shoes take up a lot of space in your bag, especially wedges, so consider wearing them while traveling.

  • If you are taking workout clothes, roll them up into your sneakers to save space and have them all together once you get there.

  • Roll the clothes! It really does save space and it cuts down on wrinkles!

  • If you are packing a sun hat, pack one that can be rolled up. They don't take up much space at all and your dermatologist will be glad you did.

  • Carry a tote as your purse. Use a clutch for your wallet, lipstick, etc that you can also use as your dinner clutch while on vacay. Put your cosmetic bag in the tote as well. If you are flying it will be easy access for security. Then toss in any other items such as a book, journal, etc that you may need en route. Plus, your tote can be your beach bag if you are going somewhere tropical.

Fewer heavy bags just make life easier when traveling so take a load off and plan ahead and pack lightly! Plus, that is less to unpack when you get home (one of my least favorite things to do). Happy traveling!!

Want to check out some of the items I like to pack (plus my favorite duffle and tote)? I have rounded them up for you HERE!

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