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School Morning Time Hacks

School day mornings can be a crazy time! Everyone is in a hurry to get out the door on time! There is breakfast to make and lunch boxes to pack! I used to find myself making multiple trips to the refrigerator to get something and then once I was finished making breakfast and packing lunches, the countertops were scattered with so many things that needed to make their way back to the fridge!

So I decided to corral the morning time needs. I have two clear bins that are quick to grab and eliminate the multiple fridge trips. One contains the breakfast needs: eggs, OJ, bacon, yogurt, creamer, milk, etc. The second bin contains the lunch box packing needs: lunch meat and cheese, mayo and mustard, grapes, apples, etc.

Not only does this process make mornings efficient, it also is an easy visual if something is running low. Plus it really cuts down on food waste because things don't get lost at the back of a drawer! A double win!

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