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My Kitchen Must Haves

I had so much fun sharing my 12 Days of Christmas Cooking videos with you! I had a lot of great feedback and messages about my must have kitchen items so I have curated them all here!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Breville Toaster Oven and Air Fryer Combo: I use this every single day! Toast and bagels by morning, frozen pizza for my son's afternoon snack, and so many air fryer recipes for dinner that are delicious and healthy. Plus easy clean up!

Kitchen Aid Counter Top Mixer: This mixer makes everything from mashed potatoes to pound cake a cinch. The paddle and whisk attachments are my most used. I've had mine for several years and it has definitely been put to the test!

Slow Cooker: I use this at least once a week. 2-3 times a week in fall and winter. Countless recipes to set it and forget it and have a tasty and easy supper!

Breville Food Processor: Essential for food prep, especially if you meal prep and want to prepare a lot at one time! The abundance of attachments make the possibilities endless!

Breville Juicer: I use this more in the summer but it is a year round staple for making fresh juices as mixers and for cooking! Fresh juice not only tastes better but is healthier!

Le Creuset Casserole Dishes: Not only do I love the fun colors these are available in, they are the best cooking casserole dishes I've ever had. And they clean up really easily!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven: The perfect piece to go from stove top to oven to table. Oh, and it comes in fun colors too!

Calphalon Non Stick Fry Pan: When scrambled egg clean up is easy, you know you found the right non-stick pan!

Bar Mops: An essential for drying dishes and clean up! So absorbent and helps cut down on paper towel waste!

Silicone Spatulas: I use these for cooking almost anything! From stirring taco meat to scraping down the sides of the mixing bowl.

Wooden salad bowl and tongs: Well, a salad in a pretty bowl just tastes better, right?

Cookie Scoop: Essential! How did I make it without one of these before? Not real sure. I use it for so much more than cookies. Works great for pancakes and scooping batter into cupcake pans!

Water Glasses: Glasses that are perfect for water and tea but also make a great glass for a breakfast trifle!

Covered Cake Stand: since I love to bake, I love to have sweets at the ready for my boys! And it is pretty sitting on the counter.

Nesting Mixing Bowls: I love nesting bowls for their use of storage space and they can be used for serving.

Pour Spout Mixing Bowls: These bowls are perfect for mixing and then pouring right into a dish without making a mess.

Flip Lid Water Bottle: These are essential! Perfect for keeping filtered water chilled in the fridge and for storing all the fresh juice you made from your juicer!

Parchment Liners: These aren't just for cupcakes! I use them for making single serve quiches too! (Remember, egg clean up can be sticky)

Salad Spinner: Chopping your own lettuce saves a lot of money. This spinner gets it all washed and dried in bulk so you can keep up with your salad routine!

And the items that don't need an explanation as to why I use them:

Happy cooking my friends! I can't wait to share more fun recipes with you!


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