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My Christmas Wish List

My husband has been asking for my Christmas list for about a month now. The other day I nagged him about a project he had told me he would do for me. His response: "I'll do it once I have your Christmas list." BOOM! He got me! I sat right down and got it done! I'll be sharing the completed project real soon! In the meantime, here's my list!

  1. Cashmere Robe I love to lounge around in my robe on the weekends and during my morning devotional time. I am always cold so a warm robe is essential!

  2. Cotton Pima Robe Is it obvious I love a robe? LOL! Both my winter weight and summer weight robes are very long in the tooth and I love both of these so much I had to put both on my list!

  3. Mini Round Coquette A set of 4 or 6 of these would be perfect for creating individual recipes.

  4. Ruffle Salad Bowls A set of 4 or 6 of these is perfect for serving a beautiful salad meal.

  5. Julie Vos Classic Link Necklace I love the simplicity and versatility of this piece. I know I would wear it on repeat.

  6. Wellness Mat I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. My feet would greatly appreciate the support and comfort it would provide.

  7. Boat Day Bean Bag Chair Well, because I am already thinking about boat days! HA!

  8. Waterproof Blue Tooth Speaker Porch sitting is one of my favorite things to do and tunes are essential. There is a good chance I will leave the speaker out there so being waterproof is a requirement!

  9. Swiftly Long Sleeve Shirt A perfect long sleeve workout shirt for chilly winter days! Plus, I'll need a little motivation to get moving and burn off those holiday calories!

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