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Love Where you Live

Not everyone is fortunate enough to say that they truly love where they live. But I am! I love where we live! We live in Carteret County, North Carolina. It is the southernmost part of the Outer Banks and is lovingly nicknamed The Crystal Coast. The main towns that you may have heard of are Beaufort, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, and Emerald Isle. We live on the west side of Morehead City on Bogue Sound which is a part of the Intracoastal Waterway.

The entire area is quaint and welcoming and has grown in popularity with vacationers as well as second homeowners. As a child, the area was pretty desolate in the off-season but now an off-season doesn’t really exist. Most restaurants and stores stay open year round now. There are few big box stores here. We don’t have a Target, Home Goods, Trader Joe’s, and the list goes on. We do have a plethora of fantastic, locally owned restaurants and wonderful shopping! The kind of stores and restaurants where people know your name.

In this section, I will share my favorite places to go so that when you come visit you can be a local instead of a tourist! Stay tuned for all the details…


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