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Intentional Legacy

My childhood pediatrician recently passed way. He was in his 80’s and contracted COVID. He was a very healthy man and in great shape (he climbed Mt. Kiliminjaro at age 75)! I have very fond memories of him from my childhood. Even if you had strep throat or the flu, he would still make you laugh when you went to his office. He instantly made people feel better just from being in his presence. I was very sad to learn of his passing and very sad for his family because I know they were very close. I read many tributes on social media about him, some from friends his age, but mostly from the close friends of his children.

Here is a quote from one of them:

“There were so many nights that we’d come home from being out and he’d be playing cards, making a bet, or crafting while waiting on us. He’d ask us questions about what we did but also questions about who we were. He wanted (us) to know.”

The other tributes were similar. Clearly, a man that valued family. That family included his children’s friends too. To ask teenagers about who they were because he wanted them to know who they were, Wow! Talk about instilling character.

I have attended funerals where all that was spoken about was the person’s business or financial success. No mention of the person’s family or their successes as a parent. Why? Because not everyone values family or their role as a parent. I recently heard a quote (not sure who to give credit to) that said “If you want to know someone’s priorities just look at their calendar and their checking account.” If people don’t have date night with their spouse, helping their children with sports or school, going to church and brunch with the family, etc on their weekly calendars but instead spend 80+ hours a week working, attending numerous social events, etc then you know where their priorities lie. If their bank account shows lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese, a week at Disney, a tithe to their church instead of a trip to Vegas, nightly bar receipts, etc then you know where someone’s priorities lie.

My word for the year 2021 is Intentional. Who do you want to be Intentional with? How do you want to be Intentional with your time? Because how you spend your time and who you spend it with are your priorities in life. We can’t take the riches of this world with us when the Lord calls us home. If Jesus asks you what is the legacy you have left behind on earth, what will you be able to truthfully say? A legacy of putting your family first, of children that adored you, of being a disciple? Or will it be a legacy of worldly success and riches?


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