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Be Genuine

What does it mean to be genuine? If you look up the actual definition you will see words like authentic, sincere, honest, and truthful. I think we all want genuine relationships, full of these qualities. The qualities that lead to and create trust. Without trust, relationships are destroyed. People we don't think are genuine are the ones we keep as mere acquaintances or completely shut out of our lives. It doesn't matter if it is a spouse, a friend, or a parent. Genuineness is the backbone of strong relationships.

We have all heard the saying "actions are stronger than words" and I think that is so relevant when it comes to genuine relationships. If the actions and behavior in the relationship don't support the dialogue then there is nothing genuine and if there was trust in the relationship it will quickly wane. You can speak empty words directly to someone and even to an audience but if your acts contradict the words then there is not a genuine relationship. In a genuine relationship, one party doesn't commit malicious acts against another. They don't hunt out ways to get the other into some kind of trouble or hurt. They don't lie to the other or make up lies about them. After all, that would completely contradict the definition of genuine.

Who would want to be in a relationship that isn't genuine? Often times, people will leave a relationship when the genuineness or trust is gone (or they realize it never existed). And often times, the disingenuine party of that relationship will give lip service that creates them as a victim. The truth is we never know what goes on behind closed doors or within another relationship. You may hear the words but you don't see the actions. Before you judge someone for leaving a relationship, consider the actions that you know nothing about regardless of the words you have heard.

Fill your life with genuine relationships and move on from the rest. If you can't trust someone, don't let them into your circle.


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