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Booth Parker How to Meal Prep
Booth Parker How to Meal Prep

How to Meal Prep

Are you ready to take your meal planning to a whole new level with meal prepping?


I am so passionate about Meal Planning and Prepping because I know how much time and sanity (and money) it has saved me over the last 15+ years!


When I was working a 9-5 with an hour commute each way, the last thing I wanted to do when I rolled in between 6:00 and 6:30 was figure out what to cook for supper, hope I had the ingredients I needed, and then spend the next hour plus in the kitchen instead of spending time with my sweet little boy before bedtime.


That is when I began meal planning and prepping!


Not only did I immediately see a difference in the stress level of our weeknight meals, I also quickly noticed the money savings! All the food I was purchasing had a dedicated plan now and we had practically eliminated food waste.


Lower stress means less anxiety and less arguments because the environment is just calmer. And this in turn allows for more pleasant, and productive, dinner time conversation. While I am a huge fan of saving money and decreasing food waste, in all honesty, the decreased stress and anxiety that you achieve by meal prepping is the most life changing.


This is a commitment in your family. For their health, for your budget, for your stress level and sanity. It’s not just about writing down a menu and prepping a bunch of meals at one time. It’s a lifestyle of family first.

What all is included?

  • A follow along video of me prepping 6 dinner meals in under one hour!

  • 6 weeks worth of dinner meal plans, all with a shopping list. Plus, the meal plan and shopping list is color coded so if there is a night you don’t need a meal then you can easily delete the ingredients from your shopping list.

  • A recipe library of over 100 meals to choose from!

  • Meal Prep purchasers will also receive email updates of new dinner meal plans and shopping lists and new recipes!

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