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One Week Down

The sun is already setting on the first week of 2022. Time continues to fly by. It has been a busy week! Back to school schedule, working on year end for clients, and getting geared up to start teaching again on Monday when spring semester begins! While I greatly enjoyed the down time over the holidays and the complete lack of schedule, it has been nice getting back into a routine, being productive, and holding myself accountable.

One of my priorities in getting "back to reality" was getting back on my sleep schedule. The holidays saw a lot of late family movie nights (they were awesome and I enjoyed every minute) and thus a good bit of snoozing the next morning. When I was younger, I could function on 4-6 hours of sleep a night but the older I get the more I really need my solid 8 hours. Wake up time is 6:00 on school days so to get my 8 hours I have to make a bedtime routine that works and stick to it! Here are my evening habits to make it happen:

* Kitchen cleaned from dinner no later than 8:00 (it's usually by 7:00 but baseball makes us eat a little later some nights)

* In bed by 9:00 to read and unwind and turn my brain off

* Leave the phone in the kitchen when I go to bed (I simply adore my sunrise alarm clock instead of my phone)

* Lights off by 10:00

Monday was a little rough getting up but I felt great and quickly got into my groove packing lunch boxes and making breakfast. I don't know why but packing the lunch box is truly one of my favorite things to do.

I truly believe my good sleep schedule has been essential in having a productive week. I was a little overwhelmed when I looked at my January calendar last week. Not only do I have clients that I need to prepare W-2's and 1099's for, I also need to prepare their year-end financial statements PLUS the exciting part is spring semester starts and I get to teach Personal Finance to high schoolers again! I really love it and I am writing my own curriculum! It has been a big undertaking but a fun challenge! Who knows maybe I will publish it someday?

I am super motivated! I am sticking to my habits that achieve goals and holding myself accountable each day! If you feel like you aren't off to a great start in 2022, it isn't too late to turn that around! Make your 2022 goals and your action plan to achieve them! Then break down that action plan into daily habits that get things done!! If you need a book to help get you on track with your daily habits, I highly recommend Atomic Habits and High Performance Habits! Plus, you can download my Habit Tracker HERE!

Go seize 2022 and make it your best year yet! While sleep is my essential habit, what is your essential habit that makes you function at your best? Focus on it and make sure you take great care of it; it's your foundation!

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