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Day Date

Originally posted October 7, 2019 on From the Corner Booth

The other day I was driving home from picking my son up at school and the alert went off for low tire pressure. I was about a mile from home and the PSI was only slightly low so I continued on. When I pulled in, I got out and checked the tire and sure enough there was a nail in it. I called the local tire place but since my car has a special key for the wheels, they weren’t going to be able to plug it for me. My husband checked it and said it was a slow leak and should be fine to make the 2 hour trek to Wilmington. Since it was a Friday I decided to just wait and go the next week.

The night before I was going to go, my husband added some air to the tire and decided maybe he should go with me. Just in case something happened. Definitely a perk of us both being self-employed is we can dictate our schedules however we need to. My sister said she could pick my son up from school so the next morning we headed to Wilmington. We had a nice drive down, the tire held up fine, and we just listened to music and had adult conversation.

Once we got there, they gave us a loaner car so we decided to head over to Wrightsville Beach and have a lovely outdoor lunch at Bluewater Waterfront Grill. We blew our healthy eating diet with some delicious fried calamari and just sat and enjoyed the breeze and the boats going by. Once we left there we headed over to our favorite grocery store,

The Fresh Market. (One thing we miss about our days living in Raleigh) We lingered about the store making the slowest decisions from wine to fresh roasted coffee beans to filet mignon. We eventually checked out, packed the Yeti we had brought to its fullest, and then went back to the dealership.

The tire was all fixed so we headed back home and had a wonderful drive. More great music and talked about some house projects we wanted to do. Once we got home, we just continued the nice day by opening one of those bottles of wine and sitting on the porch together with our son. We decided to save the steaks for the next night since my son had a full belly. He had talked his aunt into a Bojangle’s stop on their way home.

As I sat on the porch that evening reflecting on the day, I thought about how our reactions to things can truly shape the joy in our own life and those around us as well. There was a time when my heart wasn’t at peace. I was full of anxiety and worry and when something didn’t go as I had planned, my reaction just made everything worse. Sometimes I have to pause and just tell myself, “React better. Be better.” I don’t think anyone wants a nail in their tire but that nail in my tire created a date day for my husband and me. Something we hadn’t had in awhile. We were able to connect, talk, and just enjoy each other’s company doing simple things. We could say that we technically wasted a work day, but what we gained in time together has only recharged us to be better, to lead better, and be a better example. A marriage is only as good as its weakest member so staying united and in communication is a top priority for us. And sometimes you just need to be in each other’s presence, windows down, radio on, and holding hands to say it all.


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